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Hello, Dum Dum*

My young cousin recently had shoulder surgery, and I wanted to send her something to cheer her up.  And being who I am, plain old flowers and balloons just wouldn’t do.  I had the bright idea to send her a candy bouquet, but everything I found was either too cheesy or, well too cheesy AND too expensive.  Like this little number here – what is that like 15 pops for $38 including shipping?

So of course, I decided to make my own.  And here’s how I did it:

Materials – Bag of Dum Dum pops ($3), Container, stickers ($3), tissue paper ($3), scissors, ribbon ($1) and tape.

Decorate the container with the stickers.  Stuff the container with tissue, I used green.  You could also use styrofoam, but that wasn’t so cheap.

Layer three sheets of tissue paper and cut into 3″ squares.  I swapped layers around so I got different color flowers.

Fold diagonally and cut a very small slit in the center of each 3 layer bundle

Push the pop through the slit and rotate the layers around

Push up on the layers so they surround the top of the pop.  Secure with tape if you want (I didn’t)

I did this for all the pops in the bag – use your judgement on how many you need to fit your container.  I just shoved them all in tightly so they didn’t move.  I ended up using all but about 10 pops. Tie a ribbon around the bottom. (I saved the top of the container and placed it in the gift box so she could use the container for other things)

I added a beach themed bear and was done.  Recipient loved it!

* 10 points (and a bottle of geritol) if you know which cartoon character made this line famous


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