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A funny monkey tidbit:  Yesterday my son was looking through a toy catalog at grandma’s house, when he came across a toy he got for Christmas.  A toy that we ultimately returned because it didn’t work well.  I guess my husband returned it discretely, as he didnt know what happened to it.  Not thinking first, I said “oh, Daddy returned it because it didn’t work”.  He scrunched up his face at me and said “To Santa?”   Stammering, I told him yes, Daddy sent it back to the North Pole.  Some day I’ll get used to having a toddler in the house….

So as you may know, along with the Olympics, we crazy knitters made up something called The Knitting Olympics (or the Ravelympics depending on where your allegiances lie).  Basically you commit to knit something that challenges you from opening ceremonies to closing.  I never partake in this event because I unwittingly set my self up for failure enough in my life, no need to do it knowingly.  So while I watched the opening ceremonies this year, I finished up this little baby instead:

Its another crocheted dress from the  “Belle” series, for the new baby girl of another friend.  (There are girls being born all over the place, a knit group friend just had twins!)  Now I’ll start the third in the series just to see which I like tghe best.

Pattern:  Savannah Belle by Crochet Garden; size 6 months

Yarn:  Grace Patons in pink and white

Hook:  G

Mods:  None.  Although I am tempted to do the underlay in something lighter, the dress ends up to be a bit heavy for a sundress.  Oh well, they need to learn to sacrifice comfort for beauty at a young age.


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Dainty Dress

I’ve rediscovered my love for crochet.  I wanted to make a dress for Emma, a friend’s new baby girl, and there is nothing better than crochet to maximize the “frill factor”.  Looking for new inspired designs, I was referred by a Raveler to Crochet Garden.  I bought all three patterns in the “Belle” Series, but fell in love with “Savannah Belle” right away.  Emma’s parents invited us for the SuperBowl a week ago, so thats all the time I had to make this.  It was close – I was making the matching headband in the car on the way over (and that’s why its not pictured).  Emma’s mom swooned when she opened it.  I don’t blame her.

Pattern:  Savannah Belle by Crochet Garden in size 9 months. Ravelry deets here.

Yarn:  Size 3 crochet thread – 4 balls in lime.  Underlay was made with 2 balls of size 10 thread (held double).

Hook :  Size G

Mods:  Only mod was to make a long chain to thread through the eyelets instead of ribbon.  Also left off the butterflies.  If I had the time I would have made contrasting flowers for the bodice.

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