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Since our visit last year, we decided to make every June our annual week-long camping trip to Hither Hills state park in Montauk.  For those of you not near these parts, its the town at the very tippy tip of the south fork of long island, as far east as you can go. It’s a lazy little beach town, with the perfect mix of locals and tourists.  The campground is at the very beginning of the town line which leaves it nicely isolated from downtown, and the best part is that it is right up against the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  The weather at this time of year is cooler, and its considered off-season so it is less crowded.  There is nothing better than spending your days playing on the beach that is steps from the camper, and then falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing.  It was such a relaxing time.  Well, as relaxing as it can be when you have a toddler with no fear of the water.  Much of the beach time was spent hovering over him and pulling him back from the water’s edge.  Oh, and except for that first day – when he ran from me and sprinted down the beach – so far that I started to panic both from fear of him running into the water and fear of me collapsing from a heart attack from trying to sprint after him.  It only got worse when he finally stopped and I caught up to him.  Let me say that I NEVER EVER hit my son.  NEVER.  But he got a nice whack on his butt for that one.  Not to hurt him but hopefully to strike the fear of God in him never to do that again.  Lets hope so because my heart can’t take it literally.

But after that things went well (except of course for the bathrooms – showering at a state park has to be akin to prison).   We visited the famous lighthouse and drove through creepy Camp Hero.  We ate grilled hot dogs and homemade ice cream.  We collected shells and hunted for sea glass.  We splashed in the water and built sand castles.  We read books and cuddled in sleeping bags.  We made friends with strangers and together gathered to gaze at a beautiful full arch rainbow.  Its everything I love about the beach and camping combined!


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