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Nature’s Bounty

Ive had entirely enough.  Of nature that is.   We just came back from a weekend of camping with the family.  Next time I want to go camping here in July, somebody please smack me.  Or at least remind me how freaking HOT it is.  It was just short of torture, and if it weren’t for my son, I would have bailed on everyone.  The shower I took when I got home was probably the best I’ve ever had.    So now I’m sitting in front of the PC in my pajamas (its  4pm) in a blissfully cold air conditioned room, watching TV.   Ahh, modern technology how I love thee.

There are some good things about nature though.  We’ve gotten some good stuff out of the garden so far.  And after a weekend of grilled meat and beer, it was a welcome change to turn this:

into this:

Thats cherry tomato salad – halved tomatoes with balsamic, olive oil, fresh garlic and homegrown basil.  And a quick zucchini fritatta – sauteed zucchini in olive oil and garlic and combine with eggs scrambled up with parmesan and salt.  YUMMO.

The other good thing about nature is – nature inspired knits!

Pattern:  Spring Baby Headbands

Yarn: Scraps of worsted cotton I had laying around – cotton ease and red heart cotton

Notes:  So quick to make – the large flower is my favorite.  The 5 petal flower is kind of fiddly – if you try it, be sure to watch the video because its a strange construction.  This was a gift for  a friend’s daughter who had just turned one.  I bought some cute dresses and made these to match..

Pattern:  Monkey Socks

Yarn – Patons Stretch Sock

Notes:  I didnt love this yarn at first,although I did like the color.  It reminds me of the different colors of dry fall leaves and so I thought they would be perfect for fall socks.   Its not all that soft knitting up, but once the socks were finished and I tried them on I changed my mind.  They fit great and the stretch makes them very cushy.


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