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Its a cold and rainy day here today and we’re sitting around being lazy before we have to trek out to my in-laws.  Today is my FILs b-day and he’s 84.   I wanted to make him a really nice birthday cake, but my SIL is doing that so I needed to come up with something else.  My FIL is one of those Dads who buys all kinds of treats at the store with the excuse that its for “the kids” but really wants it for himself.  So I thought I’d make him a treat just for him.  He loves old fashioned things, well, being 84 and all, and he loves his peanut brittle.  So I found this awesome easy recipe and made my own this morning.  I even made a batch topped with semi-sweet chocolate and sea salt.  Yum.  Highly recommended.

Life is quite busy in this neck of the woods, and generally quite good.  We’re struggling a bit with all the ups and downs of raising a three year old.  This kid has more mood swings than a 13 year old girl.  As those of you who have been through this stage know, the highs are quite high – spontaneous hugs and “I love you’s”, funny faces and funnier words out of his mouth.  The lows however, can be totally exhausting.  It seems that every meal is now a battle – no matter what it is, it’s met with a tantrum.  So we’re trying to figure out the best balance of getting him to eat and sit at the table with the family while not forcing him to eat what he doesn’t want.  It ain’t easy.

The other day was particularly rough – in the midst of having a complete meltdown, he wet himself (potty training is at about 98% successful).  So I have him partially undressed sitting on his old changing table while I get out clean clothes.  I turn around and that boy looks me dead in the eye and proceeds to pee on the changing table.  SIGH.  I of course, lose my mind, which is not helping.  After we both calm down, we decide to have some quiet time.  I tucked him into my bed to rest while I laid beside him and read a book.  “Mommy?” he says a few moments later.  “Can we talk about something?”     This is something we all do when we get bored or frankly, if we’re trying to change a subject with him.  We think of a memory and then ask each other our favorite part of it.  Like “What’s your favorite part of Disney?”  or “What’s your favorite place to hide when we play hide and go seek?” .  So I realized that  this smart little boy was turning the tables on me,  trying to change the subject and make peace.  “Sure” I said, “What do you want to talk about?”

He sits up and says, with complete sincerity and an angelic smile on his swollen and tear stained face   “Uh….what’s your favorite part of being mad at me?”

I love that kid.


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